On my birthday, my friends bought me a Logitech Formula Force EX Feedback Wheel. After playing with it a lot in Windows, I decided to make it work on Linux. The force feedback part didn’t work out of the box. I managed to make it work with the usb-hid driver after I added it’s usb id to it. You can find the patch against kernel 2.6.18 here.

  1. Copy the file to your kernel source root directory.
  2. Apply the patch:

    patch -p1 <logitech_formula_force_ex_ff.patch

  3. Recompile the usbhid module
  4. Reload the usbhid module.
  5. Have fun testing it with ffutils.

Logitech Formula Force EX Wheel

(Only the constant force effect works as this is the only effect currently implemented in the driver).

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