Another birthday present was a laptop IBM ThinkPad 385XD upgraded to 96MB of RAM and 10GB HDD.

It came with Windows 2000 preinstalled but I already build a Gentoo image on my desktop for it.


Due to the fact that it has a quite slow CPU and only 96 MB of RAM, I was thinking to use xfce as Desktop Manager. Then I thought that I should also try KDE because I had nothing to lose (except a few hours of compilation time on my desktop machine). So I emerged them both.

The conclusion is that KDE works like a charm on this machine. The whole system runs quite smoothly. I use distcc in combination with the x86 chroot of my desktop machine to emerge the new packages.

I had no problem to get a Surecom cardbus wifi card working with it using the rt2x00 driver provided by Gentoo.